Enjoy every moment in Namibia


Teacher's day♪


I try to start writing blog with English for my English training. 

Today was holiday because it's International Teacher's day! 

It's said "International", but there is no teacher's day in Japan. I don't know why. 

Today, I relaxed a lot. Do a little job, cook lunch, watch "Love actually". 

This is my favorite movie from when I was a student. Long time no see, but it was really nice for me even now. I will watch repeatedly instead of "Notting hill" from today. 

Around 4pm, Mr. Ngenda junior came to my house, and we went to buy some drinks, went to the river with other teachers. Because it was last day for trainees from peace corp(volunteers from USA). They stayed Bunya for this 3 weeks. Drinking alcohol and chatting them and other teachers were precious time for me! 


One of them will back to school in Bunya. I'm looking forward it and I want to see all of them again. 

I really enjoyed today. Maybe through like this experience, I will feel like Bunya as my hometown. 

Tomorrow is Friday! We have to teach! But all teachers said they don't want to teach tomorrow! Me either! But I will do my best!