Enjoy every moment in Namibia



Today was home weekend! Home weekend is the day for learners stay at mission to go back to home on weekend. So school finish earlier than usual. I thought the lesson finished at 10am, but it's informed like the lesson finished on 10:20 and teachers should stay at school until 12 o'clock. Oh no!! I wanted to go to Ntara as soon as possible! I didn't know that because this is the first home weekend for me because last time I absented school because of sick. But I could make teaching aid while the time until 12 o'clock, and Ms. Makanga helped me to make a lot of cubes to make learners understand about volume. Ms. Makanga is one of secretary, always helpful, doing all jobs for teachers like copying or tying and so on. Her job is always proffesional. Pandu unene! 

A lot of learners were waiting for hike. They were going to home:) 



After school, I visited the volunteer in Ntara, we had a welcome party for new volunteer who came close village "Rupara" this week. We talked a lot, made Chinese dumpling, ate a lot!