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Rundu Trade Fair

This morning, my senior volunteer(先輩隊員!How can I say?) found this horn of a cow in Ntara! Big Great Horn!


Maybe someone slaughtered a cow nearby place. People live with nature. 

We visited Rundu Trade Fair today. It takes about an hour to hike a car! 

Rundu trade fair is smaller than one in Ongwediva, but there are many booths for foods, clothes, traditional goods, and so on. 


In this booth, many traditional baskets like shikunba were sold. They were made in Kavango east. They have variety of cute color. I got one for N$60. It's very cute! 

Today, my senior volunteer explained about Rundu for new volunteer. The explanation was very carefull and it's also helpful for me. When I told her this, she said "I also told you everything!". But when I came to Rundu for the first time, I couldn't grasp all because everything was new for me. But now I can understand what she is saying and I could also input new information. It means I used to Rundu town. I can't feel change of me so much, but something is  certainly changing and time is passing. 

We walked town and did shopping, then went to Kavango river ridge. This is common place for volunteers to do welcome and farewell party. Unfortunately today was cloudy, so we couldn't see beutifil sunset, but we had a nice time:)