Enjoy every moment in Namibia


How to use notebook in Bunya📖

Today was nice day. 

Every day like a roller coaster, up and down, but it's always like this. 

After break time, I did a lesson in 4A. I made pictures to explain importance of sunlight, they were interested in them. I knew again that how visual aids are important. 

Today I tell you how children in Bunya are using notebook:) 


This notebook is common in Namibia. The cover is not strong, easy to be broken. So most of all learners put the book cover like this. He is putting the book cover with newspaper. Most of them know how to put book cover beautifully. It was surprising for me at first.  


But, actually this is not his notebook. 


This is his, boy in the front, notebook. He is Simon, and who putting book cover for him is Muronga, with blue T-shirts. I asked Muronga, "Why are you doing this for Simon?" He answered "He don't know how to do this." Yes, I think so. Simon is very small, a sort of mess, always walking and asking friends to borrow pen, but cute. A type of 可愛がられるやーつ. Nowadays, I'm getting used to understand children's characters. Children in Bunya are basically very kind. 

While I was running, I found someone was also running, I couldn't believe, but that is Ms. Muronga! She was one of a teacher who said I will start running from tomorrow. But I didn't trust her words. I was surprised and glad, I got running friend♪