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Oshima tree🌱

Happy news♡

Today was a tree planting day in Bunya Secondary school. Mr.principle said he want to change school to that have a lot of green. Maybe this is one of the project of them. 

From 12pm, class teachers and students started planting. One class plants two trees, in front of the class and back of the class. I don't have class, so I visited to 4A. Ms.Mungonba and learners were starting planting. 


Dig a hole, put a tree, put humus, give water,,,in like this activity, they are very active and they know well how to do it. I always feel that they have much more skill to live with nature than me! 

Then! Ms. Mungonba told me that learners in 4A want to name one tree to "Mungonba" and another one to "Oshima"!!!!! f:id:fuca-0211:20171111133247j:image

What a surprising happy news!! 4A is the most struggling class for me but I like them. They can catch my heart. 


I really glad that I can teach them next whole year. I hope all students become grade 5! Don't repeat! Please! 

When there is something to make sound, they always change it to the drum♪

Now I'm heading Tsumebu again! We will meet another 2 volunteers at Tsumeb. I'm looking forward to meet them! 


In the car on the way to Tsumeb, my senior volunteer found this sticker!! INUYAMA!! I can feel AICHI prefecture in Namibia!! ま、トヨタの車に乗ればいつも感じれるけど♪ この車もトヨタだけど♪