Enjoy every moment in Namibia



This is the word which is given by one of my co-worker in Japan when I left there. My friend who worked together in Japan gave me a massage board which is filled messages by my co-workers. It's my precious thing and look at it every day. 


We studied about stages of human development in Natural science class today. This is the last topic of quickly review for a whole year. Tomorrow we will do demonstrate test for the end of the year test. 

They really like to come to cholkboard and answer to something, so these days I'm using this way every day. 


Active 4A♪ But some learners were still playing with coins in left side. Learners put their hands up were screaming like "Madam! Madam! ", that's why one learner put hands on his ears. 


Today 4A learners put plants around Oshima tree for it will not be eaten by goats and avoid be burned by sunlight too much. 


 Ms.Mungonba said "Oshima is burning! So we have to put plants!" She is charming!

They use plants to guard trees. It's really ECO. Sustainably using of nature. Every time I'm impressed by their using way of nature. 

I ran to the place that I usually return while running, then one mother gave me traditional beer. I drank it, talk a bit with them, and backed to my house. I like them!! They have very welcoming atmosphere! 



Ame Nankali は、そのままアメナンカリと読んで、私はナンカリですという意味になるはず!まだルカンガリは基本的にわけわかめです。