Enjoy every moment in Namibia



Today was the first time for me to have an examination of the subject which I’m teaching. Today’s subject was natural science. But yesterday I got a message from Ms.Mungonba, she said my question papers haven’t stapled, so let’s staple tomorrow morning. I didn’t know that teachers have to staple papers of our subjects. I stapled then this morning in hurry. 

The examination starts on 10:30(on schedule...), so students were studying until that time. So I did review for 4A and 4B. Do your best!!! 

After invigulateing grade 5 again, I got papers for grade 4! My heart was pounding. I brought papers to home and finished marking. 

Some learners did very well, and some learners couldn’t understand well. 

But I was really glad when I saw papers like this.


They tried very well. If the answers were not collect, there were the signs they tried well and they studied with me. 

Maximum points is 18. 4A & 4B ‘s average points were same, 10.6. I know it’s not enough, but for me, who know them, I can say they did well. 

I want to praise them tomorrow. 

It was Happy day! 


This one also made me happy! 


I went to a bread shop in Bunya, then I found this bread!! First time to see this! There are raisins inside, and sugar on top!! Very very tasty!!!