Enjoy every moment in Namibia



This morning was a science morning. 

We began the topic of air this week. So I practiced experiments which we are going to do next week. It was going well. 

I also made a kite. I will use a kite as a apparatus which we can know strength and direction of the wind. I researched on internet how to make a kite easily. We can make a kite by a plastic bag, straws, cello tapes, strings and a core of toilet paper. That’s all. 

I tried to fly it.


It was going to very high with good wind. I hope learners will enjoy making it and playing with it. 


I made NEGIYAKI this night.


It was perfect! But I also miss NEGIYAKI which I can eat in Nagoya. I’m looking forward to eat NEGIYAKI, RAMEN, and go to ONSEN when I back to Japan.


Have a wonderful week!! 

Smile, smile, smile!!!!:))))))