Enjoy every moment in Namibia



Good morning in Ongwediva. 

The hotel we are staying is same as last year. I didn’t know anything about Namibia last time when I came here. I feel I has been used be Namibia and volunteer member in Namibia now. 


I wrote time table with my friends at the hotel in the morning, after that we joined preparing at trade fair. 

There were many troubles. 

We use the tent which is from JICA office but it was not including parts for joint pipes and sheets for roof. 

Another members went to buy duct tapes and textiles as substitutes for them. 

We jointed pipes by duct tapes and sow all textile for roof!! 

We made the tent by textile. I hadn’t  think it can be possible but it was possible with efforts by all members. 


We still have to prepare tomorrow morning but the trade fair for us will start tomorrow! 

I hope a lot of Namibians will enjoy our activities!! 



This gentleman gave me this food today. 


He didn’t know what this is in English but it might be beetle he said. 

It doesn’t look good but taste was not so bad.