Enjoy every moment in Namibia


Sesiria san’s cooking

I finished PDP(personal development plan)yesterday, subimitted to Mr.Ngenda today. We talked about “scheme of work” today. It’s new work for teachers from this coming year. We have to write all plans of tests, tasks, projects, and so on for a whole years. I think it’s not realistic. I told my feeling to my counterpart, and fortunately he understood my feeling. But he said we have to follow what we are said by boss. Ohhh... I will finish it quickly and I will make meaning for it as much as possible. 

I invigilated grade 5 today. They are sweet because I’m teaching them. We could short revision today. They like getting homework. Opposite to Japan. 

I don’t teach learners these 2 days. It means I don’t see and talk learners of grade 4 and grade 5 enough in a day. It makes me strange feeling because we have seen and talked everyday for this 3 months. I sort of feel teaching is interesting. 

Today I promised to braai chicken with Ms.Sesira. Braai is BBQ! We started preparing around 6pm. 

She used the place to braai where learners in mission always cook. There are a container which filled by ash. She made a fire easily and quickly from ash! 

Make fire...


Braai chicken...


Let’s eat!! 


Today’s dishes were chucked, potato soup, and pap! This pap is made from maize(corn) powder, and it’s special one because it’s cooked with butter and salt. It’s nicer than normal pap. Braai chicken was really tasty compare with fried one on frying pan with oil. Pap made me feel full easily! おなかいっぱーい!!

Thank you so much Sesiria san♪ Mpandu unene! 


The examination has started for grade 4-7 from today. 
















Pizza Party in Namibia🍕

Today I had a Pizza Party with other 2 volunteers♪

We made pizza from flour. It was similar with making bread. Making pizza with friends were a lot of fun. 

We made 4 types of pizza.


1. Margherita


2. Spinatch &Bacon pizza

3. Teriyaki chicken pizza 

4. Sweet pizza


All pizzas were fabulous. うんまかったー!!おなかいっぱい!!


We watched “Kiki’s delivery service” (魔女の宅急便)together. It was English version but still gooood. 

I felt some sympathy with Kiki. She is searching what she can do as a witch in new place, she doesn’t have so much confidence as a witch, she had some difficulties in new environment, but she also found some people who love her. 

I’m serching what I can do as a teacher, I don’t have so much confidence as a teacher, I have some difficulties in new teaching environment, but I also found some learners, teachers, people in village, my friends who love me. 

I ran in the evening after escorting my friends to hitchhike, then the mother in a village talked to me as usual. I can’t understand what she is saying, but I feel her heart. I want to speak Rkwangali to communicate with people more! 

When I backed to the mission, one leaner who always talk me came to me, then she said “Taste!” with handing me fat cake. I said ”It’s yours.” but she was still saying “I want you to taste.”. She said she made that fat cake by herself. I think learners in mission don’t have so much enough foods, but she gave me that. Sometimes I’m really touched by kind heart of people in Namibia. Maybe it’s similar feeling of Kiki when she got the cake it’s written “KIKI” from one grandmother. 🎂

And Kiki also did hitchhike with her friends!! Same point with us!! 

Have a lovely new week! 


Today, there was the graduation party for kids of kindergarten in Bunya.


In this picture, they were playing drama. 






小さいマンゴー3ナミビアドル(約24円)、大きめのマンゴー5ナミビアドル(約41円)!安い!小さめ大きめの差がよくわかりませんでしたが、4つ買いました♪ 幸せ♪







みんなでアイスを買ってもらって食べる。うれしそう。きれいに食べている子もいればデロデロになっている子もいましたが、とにかく卒園おめでとうです♪ 1月からはブンヤの学校の仲間入りですね。





Today was the last day before examination start for grade 4-7. The examination will start on Monday for them. Therefore they cleaned their rooms and put desks in order. I could teach grade 4s but I couldn't teach grade 5 because they were like this almost whole day. 


I expected these things though. I hope I can do review with them if they have a time even it's short. 


Today Ms.Ausiku talked to me about PDP. I totally don't understand about PDP, but maybe it means Perasonal Development Plan. I might have to write it also. I must ask about it to Mr.Ngenda. Then Ms.Ausiku showed me her plan for next year, and it include making teaching aids and do lesson study with me!! I was touched! Next year should be busy and challenging, but I'm also looking forward to teach learners with those teachers. 

And I talked about question papers with Mr.Ngenda. I explained about which questions are not match to syllabus, then Mr.Ngenda totally agreed with me. He told about that to principal, and he will also tell to the region council. I really appreciate his attitude to what I'm saying. He is on my side. 

After backed from school, took a nap, then I realized my brade is getting break. So I called to Ms. Seciria, she came to my house, she remove my braid from my hair. 


It looked like this. I really like my braiding hair style because if I put braid on my head, my hair don't disturb me, I don't need to do shampoo and conditioner, I don't need to dry my hair after taking shower, I don't need to set my hair in the morning. 

But don't washing hair for long time is not good. It's sometimes itchy and smells bad. And it's not comfortable to sleep with braid hair. 

Nevertheless, I want to try braid style again. 




Beautiful dawn and birds in the morning☀️ Nowadays I can feel and enjoy nature much more than before. 

Today I checked the question paper of natural science for grade 4. I got angry again. It doesn't match to syllabus. Some questions should be asked in grade 5. The syllabus has changed in recent years, so maybe people who made question papers didn't check syllabus so much. 

I told about that to my counterpart. And I have to do what I can do now. I taught what I didn't teach in question paper today. 

今日は4Aにて、ケンカが勃発。例のシモンくんが泣いてる!と子どもが教えてくれました。それに気づいてなかったことにまず反省。だってうるさいんだもん。言われてみれば、かなり激しめに泣いてました。言葉がわからないので揉め事はたまにしか突っ込んでこなかった、というか、揉め事が日本ほどは起こらないです。叩いたりなんだりはじゃれごとの延長戦だったり本気だったりもしますが、日常茶飯事でいつもやっているので、たまにしか私が出る幕の出来事は起こりません。が、今日は確かにシモンくんが激しく突っ伏して泣いているので、さすがに訳を聞きました。うーん、どうやら隣のジョセフくんが叩いたらしい。叩いたの?と聞くと、うん、とジョセフくんが言いますが、どうして?と聞いても、返事がない。というか、おそらく英語で説明できない。お向かいのムコヤくんに通訳して、と言っても、その気がない。困っていたら、賢いジョナスくんとシモンくんNo.2の登場!!通訳をしてくれましたー!!!どうやら、遊んでいてジョセフくんが怒ってシモンくんにジャンピングアタックをしたらしい。授業中に遊んでる時点でまずだめやん。まぁ起こってしまったことは仕方がないので、どうするの?と聞いて、それもわからないからジョナスくんが通訳というか現地語でおそらく謝りなと言ってくれて、周りの子もわやわや謝りな謝りなと言っていて、forgive meなんちゃらと言えたジョセフくん。シモンくんも、納得。ふぅ。言葉がわからないと、こういう時に困ります。普段、授業中ももちろん困りますが、キレやすい私は言葉が違うことであまり暴言を言わずにすんで、言葉が違うのもまたいい点もあるな、と思うのですが、やはりこういう時は困る。でも、通訳をしてくれる子たちに感謝です。







I didn't get angry so much these days, but today I got angry!! I checked question papers for math of grade 5 which I'm teaching now. Even though I expected a bit, but questions were too bad... Question of money, the pictures of coins are invisible. Question of geometry, there are questions which should be learned in grade 6. And I have more and more complains about them. Oh no. Even students who are studying hard and doing well will not be able to answer questions... because of question papers, they will be repeaters! 

I was so angry and I told my feeling to my senior volunteer. She was calm. She used to Namibian system. One year later, maybe I could used to like this stuff. Students still have time until write papers of math, let's start review again!! 

I must be a Namibian teacher.


After I checked question papers, I was so angry and lost my motivation for a while, so I went back to home earlier than usual. It's too hot. I had to rest under the each shade of tree, and finally I used umbrella to protect me by sunlight.