Enjoy every moment in Namibia


Think about KOMEDA in Namibia

I made OGURA TOASTs this morning. 


I have been kept  ANKO (sweet soy beans paste) which was made by ex-volunteer in Ntara. ANKO and margarine was the perfect combination. I made coffee also. My heart was in KOMEDA in NAGOYA at that moment. 


I went to Rundu as usual Saturday. I didn’t go there last week because of sickness, so I had to buy a lot of things today. But buying many vegetables, carbohydrates and sweets make me comfortable. Without them, especially sweets, I feel anxiety. 

I got a new African dress today! I ordered it the tailor in Rundu. It’s just fit! I’m looking forward to wear it on Monday♪

I found spring onions on the road which were sold by a local women.


I can get spring onions in the supermarket these day, maybe it’s a season for spring onions, but it’s first time to buy it on the road. A bunch is just N$2 (about ¥18). I can make NEGIYAKI with these. 

 I went to Omashare lodge and googled about experiments which I can do for my  lessons of air

It was calm Saturday. 

My photos are only about foods these days...