Enjoy every moment in Namibia



As I promised yesterday, I visited a grandmother in village, and I bought SIKUNBA!


I saw a sikunba in the house of volunteer in Ntara. From then, I wanted to get sikunba made in Bunya. Finally I got it. It has good smell of plants because a he finished making today. I will dry it because it's very new and still wet, after that I will put my vegetables on it. It was N$30, equal to about ¥250. This is my first favorite SHIKUNBA! 

 This village, it means just there are some houses, is where I turn back to home while I'm ruining. Every time I greet to them. When I leave this village today, they said "Visit us again anytime.". It brings me motivation to run! 

I also tried pounding Mahangu. Mahaugu is staple food in Bunya. They make Mahangu to powder by pounding. This was first time to try to pound, but the stick was very heavy and I could not pound well. But it's fun. 


This grandmother was cracking traditional nuts, called NONGONGO, it taste like peanuts.  


I can't speak Rukwangali, but contact with people in village and know culture in Bunya is interesting.

And this was a  house for one of my learner in 4A. Automatically it became a kind of 家庭訪問. I can know well about culture and also my learners.