Enjoy every moment in Namibia



This week, I'm teaching how to say the day in Japanese, like "Today is Suiyo-bi(水曜日). " They really like Japanese. I also ask how to say and write the day in Rukwangali. They also like teaching Rukwangali to me. These days I enjoy teaching. I'm glad that I can spend 1 whole year with them. They are really cute and absorb many things. 

Tomorrow I will finish last lesson of math for grade 5. Then I will start revision for last term exam. The examination will start on 20th November. We will do our best! We can do it because grade 5 students have good motivation now. 

While I was running, the man called me to drink traditional bear. And I found grandmother who were making SHIKUNBA! SHIKUNBA is the traditional basket made by plants. I wanted to get it so I will buy it tomorrow because she didn't finish it. I'm looking forward to get it. 


During break time, Ms.Makanga gave me Eguni. This is traditional orange. There is a seed in each small piece, so it takes time to eat but I like it! 


Today I invited Ms.Sesiria to have dinner together. I made 冷やし中華 again. She liked it and eat all. Thank you♡