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Water, Mema, 水

These days I'm making many visual aids  for Natural science because I need them to quickly review what they learned in this whole year. Today they reviewed about structure of flowering plants. They really like to come to cholkboard and put pictures in correct spaces. 


I took this picture but I didn't write even the topic and leave is "leaves". I have many points to fix! I can do it! 

With these visual aids, they can listen to me better. It's the one way to make them concentrate:) 

Today, I went back to home after lunch. Normally I used to stay until 5:30 even it's not a day to supervise afternoon study for me, but I wanted to change something today. Walking under the sun during midday is too hot... I supposed that I was melting☀️ Where is rain? Come back rain!! My arms and neck are getting a tan day by day. 


And look at this water. 


BROWN. Sometimes water in Bunya is very dirty. Normally it's clear. Nowadays I boil water every day because I often had diarrhea. I boil water for one or two times in a day, cool down it, put them into pet bottles with checking it doesn't contain small black something by white cup. After starting this work, I don't have diarrhea. 

I ate お好み焼き with Sesiria san tonight. She liked it:)