Enjoy every moment in Namibia


Sesiria san’s cooking

I finished PDP(personal development plan)yesterday, subimitted to Mr.Ngenda today. We talked about “scheme of work” today. It’s new work for teachers from this coming year. We have to write all plans of tests, tasks, projects, and so on for a whole years. I think it’s not realistic. I told my feeling to my counterpart, and fortunately he understood my feeling. But he said we have to follow what we are said by boss. Ohhh... I will finish it quickly and I will make meaning for it as much as possible. 

I invigilated grade 5 today. They are sweet because I’m teaching them. We could short revision today. They like getting homework. Opposite to Japan. 

I don’t teach learners these 2 days. It means I don’t see and talk learners of grade 4 and grade 5 enough in a day. It makes me strange feeling because we have seen and talked everyday for this 3 months. I sort of feel teaching is interesting. 

Today I promised to braai chicken with Ms.Sesira. Braai is BBQ! We started preparing around 6pm. 

She used the place to braai where learners in mission always cook. There are a container which filled by ash. She made a fire easily and quickly from ash! 

Make fire...


Braai chicken...


Let’s eat!! 


Today’s dishes were chucked, potato soup, and pap! This pap is made from maize(corn) powder, and it’s special one because it’s cooked with butter and salt. It’s nicer than normal pap. Braai chicken was really tasty compare with fried one on frying pan with oil. Pap made me feel full easily! おなかいっぱーい!!

Thank you so much Sesiria san♪ Mpandu unene!