Enjoy every moment in Namibia


Mvhura (rain) at school!

Today I asked Mr.Haushiku and Ms.Mungonba that "How can you control 4A?". Mr.Haushiku said "Sometimes beat them.". Ms.Mungonba is class teacher of 4A, so she replied "I will talk to them" and she stayed while my class. How quiet they are! With other teacher's help, I want to step up. 

Today was rainy! It was the first time for me to see rain at school. I was surprised and children were also surprised! They said "Rain!!" Or "Mvhura!!" Sand in school was getting firm with water, so it was easy to walk. It is cool this week. This is Rainy season! I feel season is changing. 


Exciting 4A boys with rain☔️

They are naughty but cute. 


This is yesterday's homework for grade 5. Right side are papers of perfect!! They are doing well. I enjoy teaching mathematics to grade 5. They can resolve many things and they have motivation. 

I ran today. From last weekend I ate too much. I felt my body is heavy. I have to train for climbing the highest mountain in Namibia in December!! It must be so hard!