Enjoy every moment in Namibia



I didn't get angry so much these days, but today I got angry!! I checked question papers for math of grade 5 which I'm teaching now. Even though I expected a bit, but questions were too bad... Question of money, the pictures of coins are invisible. Question of geometry, there are questions which should be learned in grade 6. And I have more and more complains about them. Oh no. Even students who are studying hard and doing well will not be able to answer questions... because of question papers, they will be repeaters! 

I was so angry and I told my feeling to my senior volunteer. She was calm. She used to Namibian system. One year later, maybe I could used to like this stuff. Students still have time until write papers of math, let's start review again!! 

I must be a Namibian teacher.


After I checked question papers, I was so angry and lost my motivation for a while, so I went back to home earlier than usual. It's too hot. I had to rest under the each shade of tree, and finally I used umbrella to protect me by sunlight.