Enjoy every moment in Namibia



Today, I did experiments of air with grade 5 learners. 

We have to learn about 4 characteristics of air. Today’s main topic was “Can air be compressed?”. 

We used syringes💉 today. Surprisingly, we have enough number of syringes in laboratory. It’s good point of Bunya. 

First, we put water in syringes and confirm we cannot compress it. After that, we put air in syringes. Most of learners realize air can be compressed. 


I made learners to do it in groups. Even they were excited because they can touch syringes, furthermore they enjoyed do it in groups because they can touch by themselves and see closely. 

I can feel they like experiments now. I want to make practical work as much as possible. 


I visited Ms.Mungomba’s class for the first time in term 2. I was pleased when she asked me about experiments. She made learners to do group work, but there were a lot of learners in a group. 


But learners were trying well. These days I’m busy for researching about new topic but I want to continue cooperating with other teachers. 


I did too much marking today. My shoulder is like a stone. I relaxed with hot steamed towel on my shoulder... 

Good night! 🌔

Moon is going to be full.