Enjoy every moment in Namibia



I don’t want to die...

I repeatedly thought about this today. 

I came to Windhoek from Rundu. 

The driver was very nice person but he is one of people who change their personality when they grab handle of cars. Normally he drove at 140, it gone to 180 sometimes. I was very scary. 

Anyway I arrived capital city. 


I saw a kudu, an oryx, springboxes, and warthogs(イボイノシシ). We can find some animals in Namibia even though we are just driving. I hope my visitors will be able to see a lot of animals in Namibia. 

Thay are coming to Namibia from Japan now. It’s only tomorrow! I can’t believe it! 


Today’s happy:) 

1. Shopkeepers in KFC in Rundu was very kind. 

2. I got a car to Windhoek without waiting any minutes. 

3. I heard the radio in a taxi at Windhoek. Then I understand it’s Rukwamgali! I asked the driver and he said he is Kavango. My Rukwangali listening skill is improving without realizing.