Enjoy every moment in Namibia



Today, a volunteer who is working at other town in Namibia visited Bunya with his parents. He also visited other villages, Ntara and Rupara. 

The time they came was just examination time, and I had to invigerate 4B, but we spend short time together. 

They visited 4B class. He, a volunteer in other town, is my teacher of KOMA. When we worked at trade fair, he taught me how to play KOMA. Actually I didn’t know it until that time. Then I taught how to play KOMA to learners in Bunta. I also taught it to 4B learners, so I let learners show it to him. It’s difficult for grade 4 learners, but some learners can play KOMA well. 


And he also showed us proffesional tequique of KOMA!! 


How nice faces they are!!! Some day I want to make faces like this in my class. It was nice time for them. 


thank you!!!