Enjoy every moment in Namibia




At Tsumeb, we went to the local market and I bought mangos and corns. When we backed to Rundu, we also found mangos and watermelon! Here is the season for them! I can't wait to try them! 🍉

On the way to Rundu, the trouble has happened. We took the car which is going to Rundu area, and take the way through Nkurenkuru. But the car drove wrong way. And the driver said we can go to our village from Tsumeb in N$200, so we paid. We also confirmed on the half way to Rundu. But when we got to Rundu, he dropped of at taxi station, and he didn't tell anything and didn't pay to driver who is going to our village. We explained what happened to drivers in Rundu, and they tried to contact to the driver who took us from Tsumeb. But he didn't take a phone. He cheated us.

This is the first time for me to be cheated by Namibian people, I think. Because Namibian people are basically kind, especially in north part, andspecially in Bunya. But there are many incidents in Windhoek and other big towns, even in Rundu. I have to take care of them. Today's problem is good learning for me. 


きのうの編み込み途中♪ こんな感じのサロンで、こんな感じに付け毛を持たされて、編まれていきます。ぐいぐい引っ張られるので、けっこう疲れます。