Enjoy every moment in Namibia



We had a nice time in Tsumeb! 

We stayed the cafe that we visited last time. It's also a guest house. All interiors are lovely. 


I always think Tsumeb is like California or somewhere. 

After that we visited the pool in other hotel. Weather was perfect for going to pool, very hot. 

Then I ate lunch, finally we went to a hair salon to do 編み込み!My senior volunteer have suggested to do 編み込み together with 4 members because it must be fun. 

This is the first time for me to do 編み込み、but this is one thing what I want to do in Africa.

I couldn't choose which hairstyle is good for me, so the woman who make my hairstyle chose for me. 

It took only about 1 hour to make this hairstyle. And it cost N$136, ¥1100. 

It's maybe expensive compare with other African country, but this hair salon was very good♡

This hair style is called fish tail. 


At night, we went to the concert which held in cultural center that other volunteer go to learn how to play violin. 


listening music played by instruments is sometimes good♪ Even it's played by very very amateur.


 Good time!!