Enjoy every moment in Namibia


I can change my world

Final examination of 2018 has started last Friday. 

But from today to Thursday there are no examination. 

Learners are in condition of examination, but it’s also “sleeping”, “playing”, “talking”, and “drawing” condition for some learners. 

They have a lot of time. They shoukd not waste their time. I will continue teach and revision everyday. 

BUT there were a happening today in Bunya. 

A teacher came to the class which I was teaching and said learners who have running stomach should go to hospital. 

Almost half of them went to hospital in the class. 

The truth was the meat which served as a dinner at mission last night was not good. 

So many learners from mission have diarrehoa today. 

Some of them came back from hospital but some of them just went back to mission to take rest. They didn’t look well. 

I hope they will be fine as soon as possible. 

We did revision but ther were very few today. 



AND there were a happening also! 

When I got home, I found a goat as usual.


But something strange. 

She(or he) was not moving. 


This goat is dead... 

Our cute YAGIKO... 

Her(or his) stomach seemed to be filled with too much gas, so she might died by disease. 

Boys from mission came to take her. 

She will be eaten at mission tonight. 


Many happenings today! 

But I realized again that i can change my world if I change:) 


My loved SUSI♡