Enjoy every moment in Namibia



I visited mission girls this morning because I promised with some girls last night. 

They were pounding Mahangu. 


There were grains of Mahangu in mortars(臼). They were pouring to make them small to get ready to eat. 

I tried also but it was very tough. 

The pestle(杵) is heavy. 

But they are used to pounding because they always do this at mission and at house also. 

Girls who live in Kavango cannot live without pounding skill. 

I cannot live in Kavango because I’m not good at it! 

Normally it’s girls work but sometime boys also do pounding. 


She was sorting out only small powder which is ready. 

Pounding is hard job, they look a bit tired, but they also enjoyed talking with friends. 

I wish I could understand what they are talking in Rukwangali. 

I leaned in Namibia that the language barrier is high...:)