Enjoy every moment in Namibia



NANKALI is my African name which is given by Shitemo san. Teachers and learners were surprised at my hairstyle and they said you're looking nice. I was glad:) Genda san Jr said "You must get African name!" because I was looking like African lady today. I said "Give me African name!". Genda san senior also seemed to be glad that I'm becoming African and he said it's better that I stay in Africa permanently. Then Shitemo san thought about my African name, and gave me the name "NANKALI". It means like someone who is quiet. Yes, I'm quiet person. I like my African name♪ On the way to home, Genda san Jr talked to me "Hello! NANKALI!". I like it! 


Genda san Jr brought Mango for us from his house in Rundu. Real fresh mango! I was surprised that he said you can eat with peel! I didn't know that I can  eat mango with peel! マンゴー丸かじり! It was very sweet and tasty♡ But fibers of mango stuck between teeth and teeth. Still nice though;) I felt like I'm in Africa! I'm in tropical area! 


Boys were playing soccer with handmade ball⚽️