Enjoy every moment in Namibia



I was checked with the doctor in the hospital in Namibia for the first time today! 

I have been doing my work in the morning, but inside of my thigh was something like hot today. I talked about it to Ms.Abel. She took me to the Bunya clinic soon although it’s during working. She took permission to go to clinic for me. Ms.Sovi also came. 

When we reached the clinic by Ms.Abel’s car, there were a lot of people who were waiting for seeing the doctor. I said ”We have to wait a lot. ”, but Ms.Sovi said “We have a lot of work at the school, so we can go first.”. Oh, I see!! Actually I was able to go first. 

When I had my blood pressure checked, a baby took the test for malaria next to me. It’s Africa. 

A nurse who is Mr.Ngenda’s daughter and live in front of my house checked my condition. Another lady also came. I think both of them are not doctors. They said I might be bitten by insects. Woo, I don’t think so but a nurse injected pain killer into my arm. I also got tablets for pain killer. 

I was worried about paying because I don’t have insurance in Namibia, I don’t know the system of insurance in Namibia though. But surprisingly, I disn’t have to pay!! I only paid N$10 for making a card for examine. I asked why to Ms.Abel. She said it’s because I’m a volunteer who come to help people in Namibia. I was relieved at that. 



When I bring this card to the Rundu clinic, I will be able to get a cream to apply for free. There was no cream in Bunya clinic

After that, I backed to school and I finished the second report for JICA. 

When we are knocked off, me, Ms.Abel and Na.Sovi went to my home. Today was a day for making a chocolate cake!! I and Ms.Sovi planed about this from last week.


It was a very relaxing and fun time. I also made cabbage&tuba spagetti for them. 

I hope they visit me again.