Enjoy every moment in Namibia


usual is not always usual

I will also write in Japanese because I got complains from Japanese friends:)

Today is after teacher's day, we have only Friday, and many teachers said they don't want to teach. So my volunteer friend in other country asked me "How many teachers did come?". Actually all teachers came!! I don't know it's exactly all, but it seemed all for me. We had staff meeting on Friday, some teachers were late, but all teachers came. When I got that message from her, I realized it's not usual. It's usual for me, it's usual in Japan, but it's not usual in other countries. Teachers in Bunya are doing well. Maybe not only because principle is strict. I appreciate to this environment. 

In 4B class, I also made name tags and took pictures. In this way, it's easier for me to remember student's name. I can call their name. It's good for each other. I want to remember all student's name as soon as possible even there are 56 students in each class. 

This is W Karupu with hand made soccer ball. Nice ball!! 


This afternoon I went to Rundu for shopping because I have a plan tomorrow. On the way to Rundu, the driver stop here and buy sweet potatoes. Big bag is N$40. I bought small bag, N$12, about ¥100. 

Mpandu!!(thank you!)