Enjoy every moment in Namibia



While studying time in the morning, grade 7 students came and asked me to teach mathematics. We went to laboratory and studied together. I thought like I wish grade 5 learners also had motivation like them! I also thought I have to raise up them motivation to study mathematics. I want to make them like mathematics. 

But! There were also students who had motivation for mathematics in grade 5! On my way to home, some learners in grade 5 talked to me and walked together. Then they asked to me that teach them mathematics this afternoon in mission. I had a plan to join farewell party for 3B which is Sesiria san is teaching, so I promised I will teach them after party if I have a time. 

Sesiria san prepared rice, soup, sausages, sweets for her learners. She collected N$5 from learners to held the party. But only 15 out of 39 learners could afford to pay it. It’s about ¥40. 村のご家庭の家計事情を垣間見た気がしました。There were not all learners in her class, but learners seemed to be happy. They went to river, ate foods and snacks. 


What I impressed again was how to use nature for life. This learner washing a dish with sands. If the dish is oily, washing with sands is good to take off oil. I didn’t know that. Very eco and clever!! 


After party, I visited study room in mission, then I taught mathematics to grade 5 learners. I was glad that some learners had motivation like this. I will do revision tomorrow morning, and they will write paper 1. Do our best together!!