Enjoy every moment in Namibia





On the other hand, science class was kind of good. Happy 1! Review with flash cards every time, Use real objects to make attention, Use Rkwangali as much as possible, Make lesson simple, explain shortly, give them questions and give them excellent mark, make memorizing as a game... I will try to make better lesson again and again. 


Suddenly, practicing for athletic competition has started today in the afternoon. Teachers divided students into 3 teams at field.


Controlung too many students is difficult. And it’s very hot. Teachers were sweating, and using sticks of trees naturally to make learners control. 


learners ran and ran and ran under the too hot sun. One teacher said “they will be die”. I think so too! But learners are strong. 


Today I got many guests in laboratory.


From small ones to big ones. Gread 7 students came to ask me that help about mathematics. I couldn’t do my job so much, but like this day is also nice. Happy 2! 


When I backed to mission, I found some learners were doing おままごと!


They were making people by woods, and making dishes by seeds and flowers. Playing with nature! They are gread 6 though. It’s good!