Enjoy every moment in Namibia



From morning, I tried to bake "メロンパン" bread today. It was the first time for me to bake bread by myself even though I worked at 2 bakery shops in Japan. At first I couldn't make cookie part, so I made it again. Making this type of bread was difficult for me but at least they looked like "メロンパン" and taste was also "メロンパン". Next time I want to make them softer.


I can't eat all breads, so I visited a volunteer in Rupara with a volunteer in Ntara. They said breads are nice. I didn't  know that someone say delicious to what I made makes me happy because I didn't cook in Japan. I want to cook many kinds of food. I will bring breads to school or village tomorrow to let Namibian people taste those. At the house in Rupara, he can use hot shower! How nice! He said we can also use it anytime. Lucky us! Finally we can use hot shower in like this village! But Rupara is a bit far. It takes about 20 minutes by car and costs N$30 (¥250) each way from Bunya . But still hot shower is tempting. 

Rupara is close to river as Bunya, so we went to riverside. It's far but we could see hippos:)

At house, we also enjoyed Mario Cart!!! I haven't expected that I play Mario Cart in Namibia! It's good to play it sometimes. 

Let's start wonderful new week!!